Our Vision

• Serve as a gateway to culture and tell the charm of Japan

• Mitigate negative impacts of overtourism by utilizing buried resources (locations and time zones) and receiving demand

• Contribute to Japanese economy with interesting projects and technologies

• Establish a high-quality brand called NINJAPAN for interactive activities and attractions for foreign visitors to Japan, and entertainment guided tours

Our Service

Geisha Tours

Geisha Tour is a hands-on guide activity where a guide dressed as a geisha guides you through the cityscape of Kyoto, which is synonymous with the image of Japan, followed by cultural experiences.

Kyoto Night Tours

The Kyoto Night Tour is a meal-based tour for adults who walks through Kyoto’s little-known nightly atmosphere and then enjoys Kyoto cuisine and sake.

Ninja Solving Mystery Activities

The Ninja Mystery Tour is a city attraction tour based on the concept of ninja training, where you dress up as a ninja in the city of Kyoto and solve the mystery while playing sightseeing while playing with traditional Japanese games.

Food Tours

Coming Soon

Traditional Experience Activities

You can experience Japanese culture such as zazen experience, Kyoto traditional Washoku, sushi making and tea experience, a culture that has been around since ancient times.

Gion Arai

It is the base of NINJAPAN’s hands-on activities, where you can enjoy sake and food while enjoying the tasteful culture of Kyoto.

Board Members


Shota Arai

Born on Hyogo, Japan in 1991

Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Integrated Human Studies

Graduated from Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University

Launched Japan-US Exchange Club when studying in the U.S. and communicated Japanese culture as a representative

Engaged in M ​​& A, issuance of shares, underwriting of bonds, etc. at the Investment Banking Division of Deutsche Securities,Inc.

In M & A, he is involved in cross-border projects and trillions of yen. In stock issuance, in addition to regular POs, he has experience in tying bonds, third-party discounts, and bonds with stock acquisition rights. In bond underwriting, he is in charge of several hundred billion yen projects. Achieving top performance in the company among young employees

At Deutsche Asset Management Limited, engaged in market analysis from a macro perspective rather than corporate analysis and industry analysis in the age of investment banking, and advisory services to general investors

Securities Foreign Affairs Class 1,
Internal Management Officer,
Psychological Counselor Level 2

Travel service arrangement business manager qualification

Senior Vice President

Keisuke Arai

Born on Hyogo Japan in 1994

Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Liberal Arts

Founded So-cle, INC. from University school days

Connecting students and companies as president of recruitment and human resources consulting

From the Corporate Planning Department of the largest group in the real estate industry. Engaged in bank establishment in Indonesia as group representative

After working at Startup Square Co., Ltd., head of incubation business, President of Washoku Agent (human resource introduction and consulting overseas)

Studied in the United States for a total of two years in high school and college. While studying abroad, play at a strong school that have many major leaguers as an alumni

During college, he guides foreigners visiting Japan in Tokyo and Kyoto

Residential land building transaction manager qualification

Small amount short-term insurance recruiter

Travel service arrangement business manager qualification


Now We are Hiring Entertainment guide for tourists

About Us

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Address347-87 north side of Gion-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0073
RepresentativePresident Shota Arai
Business Overview・ Planning, operation and sales of hands-on activities, attractions and entertainment guide tour services
・ Management of Cafe & Bar ’GION ARAI’
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